Family Systems Must be Built on Strong Foundations Essay

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Buildings that are strong enough to weather a storm must be stationed on solid ground. Much like a building, a family must be built on a solid healthy foundation in order to endure life challenges. Families operate according to their own unique system. These systems can be comprised of a combination of individual moral sets, traditional traits, and religious expectations. These traits can differ based on the families’ culture, region, and religious beliefs. As a member of a large, multi-cultural Christian based family, my family system may differ drastically from a small European family. As a child in a multi-cultural family, I was encouraged to be expressive, and inquisitive, but only when in the proper setting. I was taught to sit…show more content…
This parenting style is known as authoritarian. This parenting style could promote violent behavior, and uneasy. All of which are deemed socially unacceptable. Unlike the authoritarian parenting style, the authoritative parenting style, promotes their children to be independent, self-assertive, and are pleasant with their peers (Feldman, 2013 p.253). Parental traits are distinguishing elements for healthy family systems.
An unhealthy family system can affect the health of a child’s emotional development. Negative interactions between children and their family members can decrease problem solving skills, and their ability to sustain healthy relationships among their peers (Family Pediatrics, 2003). A child in my neighborhood came from a single mother house hold, in which she seemed to always take out her frustrations of daily life on him. Often, she would yell and curse at her son, which taught him to yell and curse at others when he was unhappy. This constant open display of negative emotion encouraged the imbalance that began to develop in her child. At one point, he became so aggressive that he was not allowed at our house for some time. The mother of the child came to my grandmother one day complaining about his poor school performance, and less than agreeable attitude towards others. She could not understand where he developed such behaviors, until my grandmother
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