Family Systems, Structural, And Strategic Model Theory Application

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Bowen Family Systems, Structural, & Strategic Model Theory Application

Michelle Redaja

Grand Canyon University-UNV-500

September 28, 2016

According to Ana 's case the best approach between the Bowen Family Systems, Structural, & or Strategic Model Theory would best have an advantage for Ana is the Structural theory. The Structural theory main focus is to engage in psychotherapy to help individuals feel differently be able to change their thinking and behavior. This treatment can best benefit Ana both for herself and her family through therapy. The process through Structural theory can lead therapy approaches to understand hers and other human behavior, and to treat emotional and psychological difficulties in her life.

Ana has shared and expresses feeling stressed, lost, depressed, having anxieties , and displaying other behaviors such as weight lost, lost of sleep, and no appetite. As Ana is already seeking help this type of treatment can engage in the family system and changing its organization such as Ana expressing her family history and her past life before and where she is now. Changing the organization of her family leads to change in herself. She speaks upon having no family or family support. She shares not even speaking to her family for years but talks highly about her siblings and her parents on their careers.

In this treatment the systems perspective views her family as a self-regulating system to maintain itself. Structure is a

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