Family Systems Theory And Function Within The Family System Essay

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Family is a very complex term that can be defined in many ways. A family can be simply defined as a group of people who are related to each other and live together in the same household. According to the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (2004, p. 5), a family is defined as two or more persons who share resources, share responsibility for decisions, share values and goals, and have a commitment to one another over time. The two definitions that were presented clarified the vast complexities of its meaning. The term family can be defined in many ways; however, they all share the same concept and theories of structure and function within the family system. Families in reality, similar to its complex meaning, differ in various ways as well. The elements that cause families to differ from another could be due to culture, parent’s marital status, religion, and social class. Families may differ; however, they share many common elements within the Family Systems Theory and the Family Circumplex Model. All families share common elements such as, family roles, alliances, conflicts, systems and interaction patterns, strengths, cohesion, flexibility and challenges. Families all over the world, especially in the United States, have clearly evolved. Trends of traditional marriages and families have decreased over time. Researches, from Indiana State University, confirmed that “people are moving away from a traditional definition of family towards a modern definition

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