Family Systems Theory And Its Impact On The Practices Of Marriage And Family Counseling

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This research paper evaluates the Bowen Family Systems Theory and its impact on the practices of Marriage and Family Counseling. Dr. Murray Bowen is credited with being one of the founders of family systems theory. This paper will discuss the eight concepts which Bowen deemed causes anxiety within the family system. Also, the goals and practices which have been utilized by professionals within the psychology field relation to the Bowen Family Systems Theory. Analysis provides that anxiety is passed along through the family system by the triangle concept and when families are dysfunctional there are several outcomes based upon the concepts developed by Dr. Bowen. The therapeutic structure which is developed by Bowen allows clients to help themselves and lower levels of anxiety over time.

Bowen Family System Theory

On June 26th 2015 the U.S Supreme court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states, and this was a historic change in how marriage was defined in the US ( Over the past couple of decades the traditional definition of marriage and family have changed and includes various backgrounds, sexual preferences, and blended family systems.We find that there are several definitions of family such as the traditional family can include heterosexual couples, single parents, and families including blood relative, adoptive families, foster relationships, grandparents raising grandchildren, and stepfamilies ( Extended family can be
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