Family Systems Theory And The Family System Theory

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Many children in the world go through something that no child should ever have to, divorce. Some people believe that divorce is mainly about the man and woman involved but that is not the case. If the two individuals have children, they go through just as much, if not more, pain and heartache as they do. After the divorce, many children are under custody of one of their parents, therefore they stay with that parent most of the time. They get to see their other parent but not as often as they should. Because of this, a lot of these children lose that special connection with one of their parents that other children have. This can cause many problems within the family. One can use The Family Systems Theory to be able to better understand divorce and its negative consequences. The Family Systems Theory views family as an emotional unit and individuals cannot be understood by themselves; they are understood better as a family as a whole (Hammond, Cheney, Pearsey). This theory views divorce as a negative thing that also has negative consequences. A family will fall apart if it is not made up of all of the typical members of a family (i.e. father, mother, and children). Since one member of the family is taken away from the family unit, they have a gap that they cannot fill and one less person other family members can rely on. It also views divorce from the broader perspective: by looking at how the divorce effects everyone in the family and how these effects influence other

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