Family Systems Theory : The Family System Theory

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Family Systems Theory

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Mrs. Terri Carter


The attached paper is an overview of The Family Systems Theory. Which is based on the work and research of Dr. Bowen. This is an significant theoretical approach within group counseling and therapy. It focuses on the role and impact of the person 's original family to identify negative patterns. Evidence is used within the paper to showcase the appropriate usage and application of the theory.

“ Unresolved issues with our original families are the most important unfinished business of our lives (Chen,2004).”

Group work and their related therapies are no easy task. As our text indicates “... dynamics of groups challenge even the most seasoned therapists (Chen,2004).” Thankfully there are tools to utilize; it is these tools that allow group counseling to do its work. Several theoretical approaches are outlined in our text. The focus of this paper will be on that of the Family Systems Theory.

The Family Systems Theory is based on the work of Dr.Murray Bowen as well as other theorists (Chen,2004). Dr. Bowen was a psychiatrist from Georgetown University, it was his research and experience that led to a great understanding of the family and its role. According to Bowen every family member has a fixed role that they play (Bradshaw,1995). These roles are consistently maintained within families, so that the system may strive for

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