Family : The Most Important Aspects Of My Family

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Your life is changed every day and there are many points to your life. One point of my life is that family is the most important thing. Family is an important factor of everyone’s life, it’s who you are and who you have become today. Family is a bond, and the bond I have with my family is very strong. Every Saturday, my family goes to my Grandparents and we have a big family dinner. Those Saturday night dinners have shaped me to believe that it’s important to be close with your family. Those dinners created a bond that will never be broken between my family and I. Every Saturday, I learn something new about my family and we get closer to each other each week. Without my family, I wouldn’t be pushed to strive for greatness. They push me to be better and further me to succeed. Family is always there for you, whether you are healthy or sick, my family is there for me when I’m sick. I have a lot of health conditions, so sometimes I’m sick and my family is always there for me. Whenever I’m in the hospital, at least one, if not more call me or text me when I am sick. When I am in the hospital, one of my parents are always there, and no matter what time of the day it is, my grandparents will be there most of the time. My family is always there for me whenever I am in the hospital or am just sick. Family is always there for you. My family always goes on adventures every year. This year, and previous years, a large majority of my family goes camping. When we go camping, there are at least thirty-seven of us. Whenever we go camping, it is always very fun. We always do as many activities as possible, such as swimming, sports, making s'mores, and even hiking and going on trails. One of my favorite activities to do on my big family camping trip is to play kickball. It is both funny to play, and funny to watch. Almost all of my family members play the game. Sometimes, we get competitive but for the most part, we have a lot of fun and we really don’t care who wins. Another one of my favorite parts of my camping trip is swimming. We always swim, sometimes we are swimming through the whole day and forget that we didn’t have fun with the rest of the family. My favorite part

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