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You Choose your family: The true meaning of family If I were to have a family reunion with all of the people I consider relatives, I would need a very large venue. I have four mother and four fathers, hundreds of siblings, dozens of aunts, a few crazy uncles, and a ton of cousins. How is this even possible? I have such a large family because my definition of family differs from most other definitions. Family is more than people who are biologically related. Everyone has some form of family. Every person that has ever existed has a mother and a father, but being a family is far more than being genetically related. A family is a support system, made up of people who truly care about each other. They are groups of people who are loyal to each other no matter what. That is why family is commonly thought of as parents and their children. Usually, two parents care for and raise their baby until he or she becomes an adult. Even as the child gains responsibility and independence, the parents will continue to love and encourage their child for their entire lives. This is the result of the natural bond between parent and offspring. Fathers and mothers especially have a deep connection with the life they create. They develop a sense of responsibility to ensure their child’s safety and want to help them prosper in life. In today’s society in the United States (U.S.), the most common or ideal family is a nuclear family consisting of the father, mother, and children. This is the

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