Family Theory And Practice Of Family

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While completing research for this documentation, it was evident that the word family is defined by many in a multitude of ways. The definition of family varies across culture, race and is forever changing. Many define family as being blood related relatives. Although, many also associate close friends or people in their community to be considered family. With the family unit becoming more complex and intertwined it is understandable that the definition would be so broad. Regardless, it is with whom you relate to as your family that you create close bonds. Due to the vast majority of various family ties there are many fluctuating struggles that could arise throughout the course of a life cycle. As discussed in Family Therapy History, Theory and Practice, the main family life cycles that a person could experience are: Single young adults: leaving home, the new couple: joining of families through marriage, families with children, families with adolescents, launching children and moving on, families in later life. Each family life cycle covers the major life milestones and the struggles which occur in each. In the 1970’s and earlier it was common to marry early and to stay married till death, as times have changed so has this mentality. It is common now for young adults to stay single or not to marry until later in life. This life cycle is the single young adults: leaving home. This cycle is however not only for the young, but also for those that are widowed or otherwise
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