Family Therapy : A Style Of Psychological Therapy

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Family System Therapy Rachel Gunn, Hums 102 Ivy Tech Community College Abstract Family Therapy, sometimes called family focus therapy or family systems therapy is a style of psychological therapy that works to revolution the relationships within families to help them better cope with varies problems. Family therapy aids family members find constructive ways to support each other. Family therapy can be beneficial in childhood and adult situations as well as conduct and mood disorders, eating disorders, drug abuse and psychiatric illnesses as well as couples suffering difficulties. Family System Therapy When I reflect over all the amazing psychotherapist and theories, I found myself relating more to the “Family System…show more content…
Rather than placing her focus on illness, Satir 's style came to be based on personal growth. Satir who also believe that an individual can only thrive within the context of a healthy family system. Virginia Satir’s model of HVPM (Human Validation Process Model) consist of the basic human need of self-esteem. She believed that when family members can communicate openly and affectionately with each other, it could build self-esteem within each individual. Carl Whitakers (1912-1995) the founder of Experiential Family Therapy, had a distinctive style in which he practiced counseling. Carl Whitaker known for freewheeling and sometimes outrageous approaches to uncover pretense and liberate family members to be themselves. Whitaker’s interventions created turmoil which in return intensify what is going on in the family as a motivation for change. Carl goals of EFT (Experiential Family Therapy) consist of a sense of belonging in the family, to achieve more intimacy by increasing their awareness, freely be themselves, and he support the willingness to be “crazy.” Salvador Minuchin is more of a modern psychiatrist who aided to advance family system therapy and pioneered the field of SFT (Structural Family Therapy). According to the Instructor’s Manual for Salvador Minuchin on
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