Family Therapy And The Family

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Family therapy is essential to working with clients because it helps social workers connect the patterns within each family. According to Nichols, “family therapy considers how problems may be a product of the relationships surrounding them” (p. 50). It can help health professionals understand why there is problematic behavior in family members through the context of the family dynamics and relationships. Family therapy is how we aid our clients in understanding these relationships, and how we help them solve and work through the family problems. This paper will discuss, assess, and provide treatment goals for the Taylor family using the Structural Family Therapy perspective.
Family Intervention Model Structural Family Therapy and Bowen Family Therapy are two useful intervention models that help families with their problems. However, each model addresses these problems in a different way. The Structural Family Therapy model looks at the problem through the relationships within each of the family members and the subsets of the family (Fredricks, 2014). Structural Family Therapy recognizes that the family may operate according to generic or distinctive house rules. The point of Structural Family Therapy is to remodel the family system into a healthier one. Bowen Family Therapy looks at how the family dynamics, values, morals, and relationships are passed down through each generation, and how it affects the overall family unit (Brown, 1999). It looks at the multigenerational…
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