Family Therapy

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Family therapy is a form of psychotherapy employed to assist members of a family in improving communication systems, conflict resolution, and to help the family to deal with certain problems that manifest in the behavior of members. In most cases, deviance in a family member is an indication of underlying family dysfunctions. This paper looks the counselling procedure that can be applied to help the Kline family solve their problems. It answers certain questions including those of the expected challenges during therapy and ways of dealing with the challenges.
1. What are your initial reactions after reading the intake interview? What are the themes that interest you the most in this case? Why?
From the intake interview, I can
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The counselor will ask questions to clarify and summarize the family’s concerns. I will answer any questions and address any concerns raised by the family about the therapy process. I will also assist in laying down parental authority and a sense of impartiality among the children. This will reinstate equilibrium in the family and motivate all members to participate in the therapy.
Each family member will be taught on the importance of listening to the issues raised other members of the family. This will lay down the foundation for the future sessions. I will also coach the members of the Kline household on how to provide suitable feedback on issues raised by other family members. The session shall also entail a discussion of the expectations of each family member. It is a good point to begin instructing the family on the necessary required in order for those changes to be achieved.
3. George does not seem very open to looking at his role in contributing to the problems within his family. If you were to see him as your client, how would you go about establishing a relationship with him?
Resistance of certain clients to group therapy is among the many challenges that therapists commonly face. George seeks to detach himself from the problem and sees his role in the family as that of a saint. Being the apparent head of the family
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