Family Value Of A Normal Family

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The question I frequently ask these days, especially after my two children have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, tends to be: “What is normal?” Growing up, I would consider my family to be a “normal family.” I have a mother and father who have been married for 38 years, and a younger brother who is three years and four months younger than I. We were the typical four-person family with one daughter and one son. My mother considered us the “perfect family” since she had the best of both worlds. To me, this is what a normal family should look like.
One of the most important family value my mother and father taught was to be supportive of one another, and how to be there for your family. My brother and I were both involved in after school activities, including baton twirling for me and soccer and baseball for my brother. My mother made sure we both supported each other by forcing us to attend each other’s events. If I attended one of his baseball games, he was expected to go my twirling competition. My parents modeled their support for us by showing up to every single extra-curricular function my brother and I had. I remember always searching for them in a crowd and always being proud to see them there just to watch me perform.
My father was, and still is, looked to as the leader by not only our immediate family, but also by his brother and sisters. I know my mother and father worked as a team, but ultimately it felt like my father was the one
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