Family Values In American Family

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In 1840s, Asian American community began to be formed when a large number of Chinese immigrants arrived in the United States as contract laborers. Immigration from Asian countries has increased since 1970s. The two types of Asian immigrants coming to America at this time were voluntarily immigrants and refugees. While Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese are immigrants who came to the United States for business purposes, Vietnamese, Laos, and Cambodian are refugees who tried to escape their countries in the World War II.
The majority of Asian American first generation come from a strong tradition of extended and kinship ties. Although these ties are disconnected during migration, they have been quickly reconstructed to shape family patterns in the historical periods (Zhou 29). Contemporary Asian immigrants from different countries of origin mostly come with their families. They also bring their cultures and values in their home country to the United States. There are some common family values in the Asian American family that are distinguishable, such as emphasis on the centrality of the family, filial piety, respect for the elders, and reverence for tradition and education. While these traditional values offer a strong moral basis sustaining the Asian American family, they have often clashed with dominant American cultural values and have caused emotional pain and detrimental consequences in the family and community (Zhou 30). Other than that, when the first wave of Asian immigrants
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