Family Values In The Family Of The American Family

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Picture a picture frame sitting on the mantel over a fireplace, sitting in the frame is a warm candid family sitting on the couch, the photo reads 12/ 25/77. The father is holding a beer with his four-year-old daughter sitting on his lap her curly black hair almost engulfing her face. She is opening a present wrapped in shining green paper, the girl’s mother sitting next to them smiling in excitement to see what her daughter thinks of her gift. Happy American family during the holidays. This is initially what every family wants, “The Great American Dream”: a nice house, a happy family, a warm meal to come home to, and a white picket fence. The American family dynamic is changing its look but it is keeping its core values
Next to that photo is another family photo, it shows a mother sitting on the couch holding her 2-year-old son, sitting on the floor opening presents is two kids maybe five or six years old, next to the mother sits the father holding a gift wrapped in shiny green paper. The photo reads 12/25/1955.
The typical American family has definitely changed since the 1950s however most families experience the holidays together, with gifts, food, smiles, traditions and family squabbles. Most every child experiences the magic of the holidays with their family, why can’t they grow up experiencing that magic with two moms or two dads?
The Loving’s made history when Richard and Mildred Loving become the first interracial couple to be married in the United States, forever
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