Family Values

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When people pull up to my brown house in the cul-de-sac, they might not see the family values that are dwelling within, but the moment they walk through our creaky, sun-stained front door, they will. Directly after walking inside, a wave of cinnamon attacks your nose and you’re blinded by the cleanliness. If you look up you’ll see a refurbished, but tattered plank of wood with the four key terms we live by in my house. In my mom’s curvy calligraphy, you read, “God, Family, Friends, and Go Packers.” To anyone who walks through our front door, they might not understand the extent to which this goes, but my family and I know the importance and value that it has. Back home in Wisconsin, my family lived our lives based off that motto. Minus the “Go Packers” part of that motto, I can recall three moments that perfectly resemble “God, Family, Friends.”
God. My mom has always told my siblings and me that God is our number one priority. Ever since I was younger, my mom always listened to KLOVE on the radio and we went to church every Sunday, all together. I can remember one time, when I was on a confirmation retreat as a senior leader, where my faith was changed and I felt my church become more of my family. It was mid-December and we headed to the confirmation retreat center out in the farmland of East Troy, Wisconsin. Shockingly, for it was mid-December, there was no snow on the ground. I put in my earbuds and was taken aback at the first song that came on. I had never heard it

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