Family Values

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An aspect of life that many strive for is a prosperous and content family. Like many people who have been in a family, I value this ideal and this remains true despite my experience living within varying family structures. However, living in a Stepfamily consisting of a Canadian born English father and a Chinese mother has given me a unique Chinese Canadian cultured lifestyle and an interesting perspective on the different moral codes and ethics between two cultures. Effects of cultural relativism are largely prevalent in my life, especially in relation to the clash of parenting styles, customs, and cuisine between my parents. These misunderstandings are due to one partner viewing the other person’s beliefs and actions from their own cultural background; often causing me to be the voice of reason or at the very least, the mediator. While arguments about matters such as conflicting lifestyles are exasperating, they along with Canada being a cultural mosaic provide me values on being more sensitive and considerate of every culture’s differences. I will admit that even with exposure to several cultures, I like the vast majority have a slight inherit ethnocentric preference towards aspects of my own. Some standards and customs I follow are associated with Chinese culture while others are Canadian based. The other cultures that I have yet to understand or experience causes me to be more hesitant in accepting their principles as being “right” or “normal”. While I realize my own

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