Family Values Paper

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Family Value Paper Siana Stone NUR 542 March 11, 2013 University of Phoenix Family Value Paper This family value paper individual assignment will discuss the concept of family nursing that has developed into a fundamental aspect of nursing. Research of nursing has shown that individual poor health affects the entire family and not only an individual, plus, the effectiveness of health care is improved when emphasis is placed on family (Harmon & Hansen, 2001). There was no conceptual theoretical framework that was found in family nursing. Friedman, Bowden and Jones (2003), discussed the lack of a complete family nursing theory with their proposal “nurses must draw upon multiple theories to work effectively with…show more content…
The concept of family nursing practice is to understand its behavior and relationship including, the community cultures, religion, origin of family, gender, and ethnicity. Once the family nursing is fully understood, the family concept should easily enhance promoting health in the area of my nursing of practice. Most helpful area in my nursing of practice The most helpful area in my nursing of practice is the concept of family as client. With this conceptual model, the family nursing environment is focused on the complete family nursing behaviors, including assessment and intervention of family. Nurses must learn each characteristic and the family member should be assessed, understand, and be included for them to plan for treatment and intervention. Family systems of nursing in my area of practice, are integrated and is called an interdisciplinary system, each team member’s collaborate with each other, and is important to promote family health. Family nursing therapists are composed of nurses, nurse practitioner, physicians, physical therapy, respiratory therapist, and dietician. The holistic approach is included in the area of my practice, which is a normal practice of family nursing to deliver quality care. Chosen concept of family: Why is it helpful? The chosen concept of family nursing practice of family nursing as client is helpful because this is important in the
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