Family Values and The Status of The Traditional American Family

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When one thinks of the term family values, many different ideas can come to mind. Morals, religion, beliefs, tradition, expectation, controversy, and misuse are some things that may come to mind when the term “family values” is mentioned. The true definition and meaning of family values can most likely never be directly pinpointed, but it is always going to be a known fact that family values are always going to have different meanings to different people. It is the common misunderstanding that family values are just simply the things that shape a growing persons values and morals. From a the beginning of a child’s life, they are instilled with values to go by in the life that lies ahead of them by either their own family or the…show more content…
When it comes time to make an important decision, ones personal courage and self discipline are put to the test and what has been instilled in them from the beginning of their lives is the determining factor of how the situation will turn out. There are many things that can go wrong in the process of passing family values on from generation to generation. If certain values are instilled in a particular family since the dawn of its existence, and those values are not necessarily the best ones, it is more than likely going to be considered a perfectly acceptable value and taught to members of that family to come. When negative family values are taught, it is common that when someone applies those same values to real world situations, they will encounter conflict among people and situations that they come across. This is common with families that are prejudice, racist, sheltered, or just plain ignorant to modern cultural standards. It is a very sad thing when incorrect or socially unacceptable values are taught to the youth in a family. For the reason that, to a young and impressionable mind what is taught to them is the only thing that they know and it is always considered right. It is not the youth’s fault, or the parents fault for that matter, it is just simply a matter of how a particular family or group of people adapt and conform to contemporary socially acceptable customs. Sometimes, the teaching of family values is diverted by

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