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RISK MARKERS FOR FAMILY VIOLENCE IN A FEDERALLY INCARCERATED POPULATION 1. What is the general in the particular with regards to abuse in this article? The article shows statistically that if you are male and have been a victim of violence or family violence you have a higher risk of becoming an abuser compared to someone who has not been victimized. And those family violence victims have a higher incidence of developing mental health issues and personality disorders, abuse drugs or alcohol, or have been abandoned as children. 2. What is the strange in the familiar? The article shows how witnessing or being victimized by violence as a child or adolescent changed the perception of these offenders thinking and patterns of…show more content…
7. Who would you most likely speak out for (the offender or society)? I struggle with that decision as I can identify with both sides on one hand it is very sad that the offender had to witness or undergo abuse as a child which ultimately shaped them as adults. But on the other hand it is also horrible that society is at risk based on someone else’s poor choices therefore the cycle of violence continues. 8. Apply the structural-functional. social-conflict, and symbolic-interaction theory to this article using each paradigm perspective, describe the issues of offenders. For the structural functional aspect the issues of the offenders would be that they hurt another human therefore they have to pay the price in jail. The social –conflict issue would be poor self-esteem, been abused or witnessed abuse themselves, possible mental health issues related to the abuse, eg. personality disorders and narcissistic personalities traits. The symbolic-interaction issues would be that they were raised in an environment of abuse therefore it is a pattern of behavior they know and are comfortable with and believe it is the norm to behave this way. 9. Would this research be of greater interest to a sociologist favoring a structural-functional,

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