Family Violence In America

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I still remember the event happened in China few years ago, the woman, who had a baby just eight days, was battered by her husband and his mother, and the baby was taken away from her without permission. Her mother-in-law asked her obey her rule that the wife’s family members couldn’t come to visit her. Based on the Chinese culture, if a woman marries with a man, she would have to follow the rule which was set by her mother-in-law. But in this news, the rule was ridiculous. If she hadn’t followed this rule, she would have been hit by her husband and his mother. Her husband often dragged her down by her hair, grabbed her by the throat, and banged her head off walls. Maybe someone will ask why she didn’t call police or divorce with her husband.…show more content…
For all American, almost 75% people know one or more persons who were or are suffering family violence. Thereinto, about 30% American said that one or more women, who are their friends, were battered by her or their husband in past year. Why family violence happen? Why family violence becomes more and more common? And why have women become main victims? The study on family violence found that the higher pressure people have, the higher incidence rate of family violence the country have. Such as the cost of life is increasing, the risk of unemployment is much higher and unfair treatment or discrimination happen in workplace are all the elements could cause pressure. Everyone knows that men have higher self-esteem than women, so when they suffered some things that hurt their self-respect, they always want to find somewhere to regain their self-respect. At this time, women, who are weaker one in a family, and will be the first choice when they lost their status in workplaces. Generally, men release their pressure and vent their anger by abusing or beating women. Therefore, family violence happens. In other situations, if a wife is much better than her husband, for instance, she has a higher status and salary in her work, it will cause an inferiority complex. Due to this kind of feeling, husbands will flaunt his superiority when they are at home. They will conceal their inferiority complex and find balance by hurting their wives. The last factor of family violence is caused by physiological elements, such as drinking and taking drugs. After men drink alcohol or take drugs, they can’t control their behaviors. Some research shows that a person who likes drinking usually lives at the bottom of society. This group of people always think the society is unfair and they can find the real life they want to have after drinking. So, the values of this group of people are distorted. Compared to drinking alcohol, drugstores are more horrible. They will lose their mind
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