Family, Wrestling, And Nursing

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wrestling team. However, there are three things in particular that I am quite passionate about: Family, Wrestling, and nursing. These are three things that have shaped my character and drive me to be successful. Family, the people in life who will always be there no matter what the situation is. My family of six are the most important people in my life, they are the backbone that keeps me together and pushing forward. Without them as my backbone, I wouldn’t be the young man I am today, things would be a mess, there will be no guidance, or an individual to show me right from wrong. As a child listening to the mistakes my parents have made in their past. Both of them deciding to not continue to further their education and pursue their dreams. My father a construction worker who began in the trade at the age of fourteen, is a very hard worker who gives up everything to provide for us. He became a foreman at seventeen years old. My mother the most important woman in my life gave up her dream of being a nurse to raise me at a young age. She did not accomplish her dream until merely five years ago. Coming from a family with no previous college history it’s tough not being financially stable as families with a college background. My family has impacted my life greatly. They have instilled in my brain that I must go to school and achieve the goals I set for myself. I thank them for guiding me into the right path to be successful. I also have three siblings, two brothers and one
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