Family and Cultural Assessment Frameworks: Important Health Evaluation Techniques

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Family and Cultural Assessment Frameworks: Assessment in healthcare can be described as the process of trying to understand the problem, causes of the problem, and the necessary changes or modifications in order to enhance the well-being of individuals. It's also regarded as the evaluation of the situation and the involved individuals based on facts, people, circumstances, and feelings. In the healthcare field, there are various types of assessments that are conducted such as collection health assessment data and health needs assessment. Generally, the assessment process is critical in the development of a suitable intervention for the situation. However, the assessment should be conducted in an efficient manner in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the intervention. There are various types of assessment frameworks and tools that are used in collecting health assessment data such as the family and cultural assessments. Family Assessment Framework: The process of conducting family assessment normally requires the use of both the objective and subjective data of the respective family. Objective data in family assessment basically provides information regarding the family membership, roles, setting for physical living, and rules. On the other hand, subjective data provides information about personal reactions and meanings that are associated to processes and events as well as the feelings of family members about people and events (Holman, 1983, p. 16). Notably, health
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