Family and Household

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Sociology is the subject which looks at the social world around us, how the social world works and how it effects and influences our daily lives. People tend to accept the social arrangements in which they grew up as normal or too complicated to understand. The family is the natural way to bring up children and schools are the normal places for children to learn. For most people the social world is just there, challenging their lives, they cannot change it and it is not really worth while trying to understand it. There is a consequence of that argument, which is when people try to understand their place in society, rich or poor, isolated or popular; they usually do so by saying it is their personal abilities, weaknesses and situations that…show more content…
(Moore, 2001) The functionalist view suggests that the nuclear family has become socially isolated from extended family and geographically separated from wider family and more reliant on the welfare state. The family is self-contained, inward looking with little contact with neighbours and community, home leisure’s have made the family more home centred. Functionalists have been accused of idolising the family; they ignore conflict, abuse and gender equality within families and the ever growing divorce rates and family diversity. Feminists have been highly critical of the highly positive view of the family presented by Functionalists and the more critical view presented by Marxists. The reason for this scepticism boils down to one key concept: patriarchy. Patriarchy refers to a system of male dominance. Historian and activist Cheris Kramaroe once famously remarked that” feminism is the radical notion that woman are human beings” (Head, 2012). Feminism is about woman living on equal terms with men and not being pushed down by law or culture into a lower role within society. Feminists believe that the family is patriarchal, dominated by men and it exploits and oppresses women. The family supports and reproduces inequalities between men and woman, woman are Oppressed because their socialised to be dependent on men and remain second place. They reject the new rights view of the separate roles and also reject the march of progress
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