Family at the Bedside

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Discussion of family presence during invasive procedures has been ongoing for many years. Some healthcare organizations have instituted policies to allow family members to be present during invasive procedures, which they would previously forbid during these procedures. Attitudes of healthcare provider’s differ drastically. (MacLean et al., 2003) This paper will illustrate the important benefits of having a family member present during these procedures. Terms used in this search includes: Pro family at bedside, Importance of family at bedside invasive procedure, Family centered car in the operating room and position statement on Family presence. The following articles were deemed appropriate for this paper. 1. Baumhover N, Hughes L.…show more content…
The article showed that over the year’s clinician’s attitude to having family present had become more positive but had concerns about safety, the emotional responses of the family members, and performance anxiety. Nurses had more favorable attitudes toward family presence than physicians did. Patients and their families had positive attitudes toward family presence. Family presence is beneficial to patients, patients’ families; to them it provides emotional support, helps decrease anxiety and makes the patient feel empowered. As family presence becomes a more accepted practice, healthcare providers will need to accommodate patients’ families at the bedside and address the barriers that impede the practice. 5. Aldridge M, Clark A. Making the right choice: Family presence and the CNS. Clinical Nurse Specialist. 19(3):113-116, May-June 2005. This article discusses benefits of and possible obstacles to family presence, practice scenarios, and introduction of the family facilitator role. A key point to remember is that family presence is not a mandate but an option that may not be right for every family. The option shouldn't be offered to families who are combative or those who display extreme emotional instability, signs of intoxication or drug use, or altered mental status. In addition, family presence shouldn't be considered if family members are suspected of abusing the patient. Experts recommend that a family presence policy designate a support person to remain
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