Family in the Global Context

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|Family in the Global Context |
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Family constitutes the basic unit of society, and it assumes diverse forms and functions from one country to another, and within each national society. There are many different types of family structure, with different strengths and weaknesses. Any image of what constitute the ideal family differs greatly both within and among countries. The manner in which families form, establish pattern of behavior, function and evolve, as well as their relationships with the local
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We see so many bright and beautiful colours and suddenly we want to be a part of it if not be it. Whether it be clothes, food and drinks, technology, everything seems so perfect. We even come to believe that without those things our lives would be incomplete and that they are the key to our happiness. Especially in the case of our youths, it is ‘uncool’ not to have the things his/her friends have.

Therefore, because of the spirit of consumerism, we believe the things that we want are actually the things that we need and we have to have them irrespective of our circumstance, budget or income. We truly follow the “Just Do It” motto. We are not ashamed of anyone and are almost ready to do anything as long as it gets us our wants. We do not see what type of work it is but are only interested in how much it would pay. We not only follow but also chase our wants. This is the reason why we have so many working couples today leaving their children to be cared by others. These children are the ones who more often than tend to follow the wrong ways of life. The difference between the working hours of a couple also often leads to problems in their marital life.

Anyway, the worse part of consumerism might be the dissatisfaction even after having the things that we so craved for. We believes our wants would bring us happiness and contentment but that is not so. We might be happy for sometime but our happiness ends as and
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