Family of Woodstock

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THE FAMILY OF WOODSTOCK BSHS 355 xxxxxxxxxxxx October 20, 2014 Professor xxxxxxxx The Family of Woodstock Paper This paper will explore the factors that led the Founders to create the Family of Woodstock while discussing its ability to meet the needs of the community. Further discussion will include creation of the agency’s values, attitudes and beliefs and how they have changed over its 40 year period of service to the community and how specialization has become a trend in the human services delivery. The Family of Woodstock, a social service agency, was founded by those individuals who felt that certain factors presented the opportunity for them to start a social service agency as a direct result of the Woodstock Festival held…show more content…
In this day and age, specialization has become the latest trend in the human service profession and innovation is equally important and powerful. It is part of how agencies deliver outcomes today, while preparing for tomorrow. Not for profit leaders and others realize that processes, technologies and cultures must be part of the change today in order to deliver high-quality, cost-effective services in the future. However this change takes place, not for profit leaders and others know that in order for their agencies to formulate change, they must assimilate the change with the unique positions that their agencies hold. In conclusion, the Family of Woodstock has moved forward utilizing their talents and abilities to see changes which move their agency forward by providing more services than originally planned and utilizing their successful outcomes as the pivotal point. References: Burger, W.R. (2011). Human services in contemporary America (8th ed.). Belmont, CA: Brooks/Cole, Cengage Learning. Family of Woodstock, 2014. Retrieved October 19, 2014 from Grading Criteria Family of Woodstock, Inc. Paper This assignment is due in Week Two. Content 60 Percent Points Available 6 Points Earned 6/6 Additional Comments: Student identified the factors that led the founders to create Family of Woodstock, Inc. Student explained how Family of Woodstock, Inc. specialized to meet the needs of the community. Student
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