Family with Alzheimer's

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This disease now has a huge impact on my own life, and the lives of those who are closest to me. Around the age of 67, my grandma started forgetting things periodically. I can remember her saying, “Where did I put those keys?” “I just had them.” People did not think much of it; they just figured that she was getting older. Unfortunately, that was not the case. Now, three years later, she is living a much different and confusing life then she had in the past. Her independence is fading and she must have someone with her most, if not all of the time. The once independent woman is so lost yet at the same time she doesn’t really realize it. Luckily, the progression is not happening as fast as they thought it could. She definitely has her days, and some are just better than others for her. She does not remember those who weren’t close to her. She does not even recognize acquaintances. Through out her life, she had good health. Besides the usual cold and flu, my mother said that she doesn’t remember her having any other major health issues. Now, with the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, her health has seemed to decline with the passing years. Yes, she is aging, but it seems to be more than that. The fact that she no longer takes good care of herself has a lot to do with it.…

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