Famine, Affluence, and Morality Essay

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In the article by Singer, P. (1972) “Famine, affluence, and morality” main argument is that to persuade his readers in what people of wealth and governments should help with famine relief, especially in East Bengal as one example given. Singer is furthermore also mention somewhat of and utilitarianism. Therefore, according to Mosser, K. (2010) “A concise introduction to philosophy” states that the “act utilitarianism applies the idea of utilitarianism to specific acts, emphasizing what moral is what produces the greatest good for the greats number…contrast with rule utilitarianism” (2010, Glossary). However, it is important to remember that Singer main agenda is to show ways that both people and counties deal with disasters and how to…show more content…
(p. 962)
To explain the three counter arguments on Singer's response were weak and only seen to relate to the fact of the Bengalis and leaving other cultures behind or others such as Ethiopia where famine is a daily existence of life there. Therefore, Singer (1972) argues about trying to find:
Distinction between duty and charity in some other place... that the present way of drawing the distinction, which makes it an act of charity for a man living at the level of affluence, which most people in the "developed nations" enjoy giving money to save someone else from starvation, cannot be supported. (p. 235)
Lastly, Singer looks at the moral scheme of things and how they justify on giving aid and how the principle of marginal unity can apply. As he states that we have an obligation and duty to help others in famine suffering if we can do so, then it is in your morals scheme makeup to do so. According to Singer (1972) states that he had, “One objection to the position I have taken might be simply that it is too drastic a revision of our moral scheme. People do not ordinarily judge in the way I have suggested they should” (p. 236). Another point that Singer made was that “The conclusion that should be drawn is that the best means of preventing famine, in the long run, is population control” (p. 240). Therefore, the point is to help if one is able to or better yet,
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