Famine in the Ukraine

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The famine was also known as the “Holodomor” which means death by starvation. This famine was not like any other, not caused by natural disaster or war. The Holodomor was an artificial and self inflicted famine caused by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet regime. Dekulakization and collectivization was Stalin’s theory in which he had high expectations and goals for and his arrogance in not letting these process go, ended in the mass murder of many innocent Ukrainians. The holodomor was undebated or questioned till late 1980’s and until then it was denied to have even existed. Russians didn’t believe the speculations suggesting the famine as genocide. They returned in saying the causes of the famine were unintentional and were due to economic struggles, which were from the changed policies and rules during the soviet industrialization.
The soviet government forcefully confiscated land, livestock and grouped the farmers in what is known as collective farming by which everything is owned and run by the state. They also increased Ukraine’s grain production quotas to such an extent were it was not possible to reach. There were also arrest, deportations and execution of lower class peasant and their families. This event was suppressed…

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