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The excitement rose, nerves became as present as an imaginary figure sitting on your shoulder. Anticipating the moment when you got to step off the bus onto the campus of the drake stadium. Thinking this is where big athletes run, celebrities, and now you get a chance to run on this track. I thought about the other athletes across the world who wouldn't get the chance to have such an awesome experience that I got. It was a surreal moment in my life and I will never forget it. Being only a freshman in highschool I got to compete with some of the most legendary athletes to ever run in the state of Iowa.
When getting off the bus you see all ages of athletes running on the sidewalks, people were everywhere. They had all the roads blocked off around the stadium and multiple police cars. You had to walk about a block just to get to the field house and there was security everywhere, people checking you bags, people walking around to see if there was any food and more security outside the bathrooms. I felt like I was at some kind of party that a famous celebrity was at.
A few of my teammates and I went to go check out the stadium because I had never seen it in person before. Just to enter the stadium as an athletes you had to have your full uniform on otherwise there was no way you were getting in. When you entered the stadium there was people flooding
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I laughed to myself but took it as a compliment. The stadium had looked like something I had seen in my dreams, the seats went up to about row 500. I warmed up with all the senior athletes that actually knew what they were doing, so I didn't look like some dumb freshman. The nerves started to grow when the announcer said “second call for the 100 meter hurdles” the butterflies in my stomach were going crazy. It felt like there had to be a million little butterflies flying in my
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