Famous Incidents in US History

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There are many negotiators in today’s society who undergo many horrible experiences and are able to overcome the hard trials that are placed in front of them and then there are those who unfortunately fall victim to a horrible situation. Over the past couple of decades there have been a number of incidents that have occurred where incidents have taken a turn for the worse. While some people claim that this is occurring because of horrible decision making and others disagreeing and claiming it to be best decision that could be made. Regardless of one’s point of view, it is very clear that over the past couple of decades there have been some incidents or crisis that took a turn for the worse, but are able to learn from the mistakes that were made and implement new strategies to be better prepared. There are many incidents or as some might call them, crisis, that have occurred in the United States. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a crisis as a time of great difficulty or serious danger that is hard to overcome (Crisis, N.D.). Two very well-known crises that had an impact are the following, The Riot at the Attica Prison which occurred on September 9, 1971 and The 1972 Olympic Terrorist attack in Munich which occurred in Germany. Although they are not the only riots that have occurred they are two of the most famous incidents that have occurred and caused a significant change in how negotiations would be handled in the future. Both of these riots played a major role in
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