Famous Leadership of Walt Disney and Bill Gates

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Introduction Some of the most loved and respected leaders in the world are known for their imagination, risk-taking, perseverance and their well-known success. They have always been one step ahead everyone else and created what no one else was able to do. They influenced other people to be as imaginative and hardworking as they were. They never stopped believing in what they were doing. The two most leaders who fit all these descriptions would be Walt Disney and Bill gates, even thought they have a lot in common, their leadership style was completely different.

Walter Elias Disney also known as Walt Disney is known for his imagination that changed the world. He is an inspiring person who is known for never giving up and always dreaming. He created the well-known character Mickey Mouse and he was the founder of Walt Disney Corporation. Although of al the challenged in his life, he went to Hollywood to pursue his dream, and he became very successful. Walt Disney changed the entertainment industry by creating his own business of cartoon animation. He never stopped believing and kept taking a countless of risky decisions until he got what he wants. Walt Disney has shown many different leadership styles, but in the end of the day he was the definition of an effective leader.

In the other hand, William H.Gates, also known as Bill gates aspired his whole life to create the finest technology to make everyone’s life easier. He created what is known know as Microsoft which is a

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