Famous Military Commander Of The Carthaginian Army

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Hannibal– Famous Military Commander of the Carthaginian Army Hannibal Barca was the greatest military strategist and army general of his time. He was born in 247 B.C.E. into a military family in Carthage, which is today known as Tunis, in the country of Tunisia. He led the military forces of Carthage in battles against Rome during the Second Punic War. His most famous achievement was leading the Carthaginian army, along with forty elephants, across the Alps to attack Rome. Carthage is located long the Mediterranean Sea in northern Africa. The ancient Phoenician Empire established the city of Carthage in 800 BCE. The people of this ancient Phoenician City State were great sea navigators and traders. Carthage’s location provided a seaport that was protected from sea storms and access to sea trading routes. The people of Carthage built an amazing circular artificial harbor called the Cothon, which consisted of two connected areas for ships to dock. The rectangular portion docked and protected many sea-trading ships while the circular part was used to dock as many as 220 warships. Carthage dominated trade in the Mediterranean Sea including the expensive and sought after purple dye made from the murex shells of Mediterranean sea snails. The area surrounding Carthage also had fertile land for growing agriculture. The style of clothes, at that time, is believed to resemble the Egyptians, which included long white and purple clothing wrapped over one shoulder and sandals. The
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