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Famous Thinkers Paper
Jason Terry
September 25, 2012
Cher Summers

Famous Thinkers Paper
Looking back throughout history many famous thinkers have made an impact on society; however, not as much as Dr. Martin Luther King; a people’s man or Mr. Bill Gates a business hero. After researching these two famous thinkers and their contributions to society I will identify the problems each wanted to solve, the solutions to the problems and the implementation of those solutions. The exploration of each thinker’s social, political, and personal environments will show how those factors contributed to their respective creativity, a full comparison of their creative processes, a critique of their thoughts and ideas and the different
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He graduated from high school at the age of 15 and went to work in Connecticut. He was surprised that he could sit or eat wherever he wanted, unlike in the south. In 1953, he moved to Alabama and began his ministry at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. During this time segregation was at its height, and he was in a position to speak out for equal rights. Many people were advocating ending segregation by any means possible, but he believed the best way to promote racial equality was to organize peaceful nonviolent protest. He thought the use of violence would only hinder the efforts of the equal right movement. This theory was proven during the protest in Birmingham. Dr. King was arrested for leading a nonviolent protest. The Birmingham police were dispatched for crowd control and used violent force against the protestors. Despite the violence the protesters did not retaliate. This event was also influential in achieving racial equality in the United States. Dr. King was born into a household deep rooted into the southern black ministry, particularly the southern Baptist. While going to college to receive his education in ministry, Dr. King made a decision to follow in the actions of his teacher and the college president, Mr. Benjamin Mays. Benjamin was a public gospel activist who had dedicated his life to combating racial inequality. Dr. King also went to the Crozer Theological Seminary in which he studied and learned the idea of nonviolence by Mohandas Gandhi
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