Famous Women Pilot: Amelia Earhart Essay

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Amelia Earhart is one of the most famous women pilots in our history. Her childhood wasn’t the best out of everyone’s, but she used flying as a distraction. Amelia attempted to do things that no one else would attempt and she was the first women to break many records and fly to different places. Amelia was the first woman to attempt to fly around the world even though if it meant risking her life. She changed what women pilots could do and she encouraged them to fly and become pilots. It is still a mystery till today about her disappearance. Amelia Earhart impacted women in aviation even before she disappeared on her journey around the world. Amelia’s childhood didn’t start off or end up as great as it could have been. Amelia…show more content…
In the year 1925, she took a job as a social worker at the Denison House (“A New” 2). The Denison House is a place that forms clubs and assists immigrants by providing food, medical care, and English classes (Fleming 41-42). The Denison House is where Amelia helped children, Syrian women, and the blind (“Amelia Earhart”). To help her family, Amelia worked multiple jobs so they wouldn’t run out of money. Besides work, she also volunteered at numerous places. She helped at a mental hospital, at Harvard University, and she was a career counselor at Purdue University. Besides her volunteering she worked as a nurse. Amelia enjoyed volunteering and the work that she performed. Amelia was very busy at a young age and she accomplished a lot of things before her flying career took off (Tanya 48). Amelia Earhart’s flying career started when she was young while she was watching a plane derby. She saw her first airplane when she was only 10 years old. She got interested in airplanes and becoming a pilot. She later decided that she would like to try flying. Amelia took flying lessons from her instructor Neta Snook. Amelia had to work multiple jobs to help pay for her flying lessons since her family couldn’t afford the big cost. As each day passed, Amelia improved her flying skills and soon entered many races (Tanya 23). Amelia accomplished many achievements that made her

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