Famous all Over town book summary

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Book of Choice Assignment Famous All Over Town Danny Santiago Copyright of 1983 A story of Donny’s struggles of growing up in Barrio. Famous all over town is about a young high school boy named Rudy Medina. He grows up in a Latin, Chicano town called Barrio. He tells us his life and all the struggles he has to face everyday of his life .The family he had was not the perfect family; the mother was having another child that she would then not take care of because she cared more about herself. Lena was a high school drop out who wanted to be free and on her own, the father was a hard worker who tried to give his family everything, and Rudy was the outcast that never quite fit in. With his mother being pregnant and his sister and father…show more content…
One thing he always did was make sure they had everything they needed, he always tried to make Rudy the man he wanted him to be. He tried to be the father they wanted it just never worked out, Rudy wanted someone to love and care for him like Dr. Penrose. Dr. Penrose was a doctor at the hospital that Rudy went to when he had a ruptured appendix. The doctor made Rudy feel loved, he would always come and sit and talk to Rudy and make sure he was feeling okay and taught him some information on the bones. He was being the father that Rudy had always wanted. Dr. Penrose was a very nice and loving guy who cared for everyone no matter who they were or what race. Setting The setting in this story played a very important role in setting up the entire story. Not only did it add character it made even more intense and real in a sense. The setting in my opinion is the most important part of the story because it gives the reader a feel of where they are at and what they wake up to everyday and what they go through. It gives us an inside to another world we have never seen before. For instance in the story Famous all over town, the setting is in a lower class Chicano town called the Barrio. Its one of those towns that people who weren’t from there were afraid to drive by or even go through those streets. The town was full of gangs running a muck, and all most everyone owned a gun. The setting was not the nicest setting to read about but it
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