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Fan communities use online discussion boards to communicate with one another over the quality and meaning of what is presented in the media. Captain America conversations stay around the Captain America and Marvel subreddits, however their users vary; people come out as professors, marines, artists, etc. This section will examine several pieces of fan testimony explaining their interpretation of his character, as well as their responses to how his current media portrays him. Knotsteve addresses the development of Captain America’s character over the years his comics ran, and their personal experience as a fan: “Cap may have originally been created as propaganda but ever since Jack and Stan thawed him out in Avengers 4, and the…show more content…
Cap knows it 's our job to oppose anyone who seeks to hurt the innocent and oppress the weak, be it either a supervillain or a president elect. No member of the government, not even the president himself, gets a pass just because they 're an official.” Once again, the fans look at Captain America not as someone who works for the United States government, but represents the people. While both can be reaching for the same goal, at the end of the day, Cap will do what he must to protect and serve the American people, and “fights for the American Dream.” For the people who do not follow Captain America in the comics, they have the films to rely on to understand his story. Some fans only watch the movies for entertainment, while others look beyond the action for a deeper meaning. Disputing the many fans who do not consider The Winter Soldier to be a political thriller, Reddit user theothercoolfish characterizes the political undertones in both the Captain America movies: “Civil War is, at its heart, a deeply political movie. The philosophical question of where morality and ethics needs to be decided, who should hold that power, was asked, debated, and resoundingly answered. Winter Soldier looked at how America 's government has been hijacked since Rogers was put to sleep. Here 's a patriot who has a hard time reconciling what his country is now doing… These movies are so particularly good because they look at these real,

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