Fan Fiction And Character Appropriation

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Fan fiction and character appropriation Fan Fiction is a transformative practice of writing fiction created by fans based on existing source work or consists of elements copied from a story world, character or setting, the original source of the work being expanded can include any qualified material such as novels, films, comics or games. Legal implications arise due to the contemplation whether it is an infringement of copyright as a ‘derivative work’. Authors generally have a varied opinion on fan fiction, some downright loath the practice, where as some consider it unimaginative yet unconcerned by it and some compliment it. The creator of the original work rarely authorises or commissions fan fiction and it is very unlikely to receive publishing. It has long existed as a fan practice, although since the internet’s inception it has amplified exponentially and has evolved into a much more elaborate exercise, with various classifications, style and sub genres. The legal issues surrounding fan fiction are in dispute of whether they are derivative works infringing Copyright Law, for these stories are usually transformative of an original copyrighted literary works. Fair use is a common defence against infringement claims, or in Australia fair dealings may similarly constitute defence, though fair use isn’t entirely secure for fan fiction, despite many maintaining its legality due to its non-profit nature. Lucasfilm Ltd have always accepted fan fiction that respects the Star

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