Fanno Creek Investigation

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Conclusion By conducting this investigation it was discovered that there is no significant relationship between velocity and channel length based on the significance level chosen by the investigator. However, there is a significant relationship between discharge and channel length that can be mathematically shown. As a result, this investigation determines that it is inconclusive on whether or not velocity increases as Fanno Creek moves further downstream. Therefore, the answer to the question (Does Fanno Creek in Beaverton, Oregon follow trends displayed by the Bradshaw Model?) is yes, which was the same as the original hypothesis is. As for discharge the original hypothesis is rejected since the graphs provided by the data shows a negative…show more content…
At the location on Hall Blvd there was a bridge that ran right above the river. At the location on Scholl’s Ferry there was a bridge that ran over a portion of the river as well as an abundance of rocks in the water. Data points near and under these locations should be considered anomalies since there was a man-made disturbance influencing the data. In the future a location with fewer disturbances by man-made structures and human influences should be chosen. The weather on the day the data was collected was less than desirable. There were areas of the river that had flooded due to heavy rainfall overnight. An increase in the amount of water in the river could influence the data and skew the results. In addition, this is an El Niño year meaning there have been record breaking amounts of rainfall. So, data collected in a year like this may not be applicable to other years where the river levels are lower. Future explorations on this topic should expand on the other trends displayed by the Bradshaw model such as bedload size and quantity. This will help in further understanding how channel length influences different characteristic of the
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