Fanny in Jane Austen's Mansfield Park Essay

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“FANNY EMERGES VICTORIOUS SIMPLY BECAUSE THE OTHERS FALTER'; (MARY POOVEY) DO YOU AGREE WITH THIS READING OF FANNY’S ROLE IN ‘MANSFIELD PARK’ Mansfield Park has sometimes been considered as atypical of Jane Austen as being solemn and moralistic. Poor Fanny Price is brought up at Mansfield Park with her uncle and aunt. Where only her cousin Edmund helps her with the difficulties she suffers from the rest of the family, and from her own fearfulness and timidity. When the sophisticated Crawfords (Henry and Mary) visit the Mansfield neighbourhood, the moral sense of each marriageable member of the Mansfield family is tested in various ways, but Fanny emerges unscathed. We need to look at the way Austen…show more content…
This may be moderated by the history of displacement Jane Austen has provided for Fanny: the years of intimidation she has endured from Mrs Norris and her dependence on Edmund, whose kindness comes with instructions for her of how she should behave. Fanny has a disapproving attitude towards Mary. We are never sure whether this is due to Fanny’s morals or her jealousy of the way Edmund is fixated with her. As a result of Edmunds’ coaching, Fanny’s moral attitudes in general are over determined, so it is quite easy for us to think of her as modelling a ‘conduct manual’. There are several passages within ‘Mansfield Park ‘where Jane Austen smiles kindly on, our
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