Fanon, Kanye, and Gandhi Essay

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Gandhi and Fanon both believed in what was correct and just. They believed that the man should be free, especially if they are being controlled by the colonists’ ideals. This was the case for both Algiers and India. These two countries were being controlled by that one principle of the colonizers which is that they are better and therefore should be in control. In the case of India, they were being oppressed by the British and deprived of having their own land for themselves. Then there was Fanon’s battle, which had a different approach to it. The French were the ones colonizing Algiers and they were being repressed into living in misery and oppression. They understood that the colonization of people not only affected them physically…show more content…
We must not cultivate the spirit of the exceptional or look for the hero, another form of leader. We must elevate the people, expand their minds, equip them differentiate them, and humanize them”(137). Violence is the way to make sure there is a consciousness is present in every peasant, which wont let the colonized be manipulated by either the ex-colonizers nor the new governors of their country. For the third part of his argument Fanon shows what usually happens after the decolonization of a country. Here he exposes the methods in which the leaders of bourgeois nationalities enrich themselves by abandoning the long term development of their country so they can earn as soon as possible and as much as possible. Even if it means staying bound and subjugated to the interests of developed countries. In the fourth part it’s about the development of a culture that is immeasurable nor cares about the European culture. This one is important because just like the success of everyone depends on the masses, the international culture depends on the construction of the culture of every sub-developed nation. “It is the national liberation that puts the nation on the stage of history. It is at the heart of national consciousness that international consciousness establishes itself and thrives. And this dual emergence, in fact, is the

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