Fantasies from Lucid Dreaming

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Lucid Dreaming
When fantasies of the wider vistas of life is spoken about, ‘dreams’ are what pops into the minds of mostly everyone as every human being is free in their dreams. Deep within each and every one lie infinite possibilities, and abilities to experience anything imaginable with the state of consciousness while sleeping that each human holds that are yet to be discovered. The realisation of knowing that you are dreaming also creates another world to escape to. The simple thought of being able to take imagination to another level by taking action on it may simply be exciting and fascinating. However how terrifying is the thought of losing control of your imagination and become torn apart in a dream? Would a dream cause the same impacts as it would if it was in real life? There are always two sides to everything and although there may be endless advantages to mastering this ability, just like the real world, the journey of lucid dreaming may also have its up and downs. While this may be the case, there is nothing in this world that does not involve risks and as much as it might be slightly scary when it first gets a little bit out of control, there are hardly any real dangers and more advantages than one can imagine.

The official term that is connected to this phenomenon is called ‘lucid dreaming’ which was given to by a Dutch psychiatrist named Federik van Eden in a 1913 article called ‘A Study of Dreams’. However, people were exposed to this concept for

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