Fantastic Voyage Into the Human Body

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The human body is a fascinating organism with a multiplicity of complex systems working together to ensure the health of the individual. Join us as we take a Fantastic Voyage through our healthy, 55-year old male subject to witness how nutrients are ingested and passed through the body. During this journey, we will pass through the digestive, circulatory, and digestive systems to better understand how the body receives nutrients, how they are broken down, and finally, how they are expelled from the body. Our journey will begin as we enter our male subject's body through his food, in this case, a sumptuous hamburger, crispy french fries, and a mug of frothy root beer. We will begin our journey through the human body by entering the test subject through the digestive system, which begins with the mouth. As we are quickly inhaled by our ravenous subject, notice how mastication enables food to be broken down by saliva and the simultaneous mashing and gnawing of teeth. Moving from the front center of the subject's mouth to the back, you will notice the various types of teeth that include: two sets of incisors, a set of canines, a set of premolars, and a set of first and second molars (Thibodeau, 1992). During mastication, a clear substance known as salivary amylase is secreted to facilitate chewing and begin the digestive process. This fluid will facilitate our journey down to the esophagus and into the stomach. Located below us in the mouth is the tongue and right above us
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