Fantastic Workshop at Homunculus Theatre Group Essay

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After opening ten years ago Homunculus Theatre Group has been focused in providing workshops and shows for todays youth. Assisi Catholic College’s drama class got to experience their Commedia dell'Arte workshop they also performed “spirit of the mask”, which was a modernized version of the classic Commedia Theater.

During the performance Clint Bolster and Ben Cornfoot showed us many different examples and elements of the Commedia characters, which both engaged and entertained the audience. All of which was enhanced with elements from the physical theater genre. This was shown during the scene when there were two Capitano characters, because Capitano is someone who always boasts about his greatness but in reality a giant coward. Enhanced …show more content…

The way that they transitioned to different characters looked completely natural, every time they would put on a new mask and costume they were becoming that character which really set the mood, a prime example of this was when the doctor (Dottore) who is a smart yet confused old man noticed that the students in the other room was looking at him, and in turn he began to talk to them and describing how they appear to be in a fishbowl.

Even though Commedia dell'Arte is a rather old style of theatre Clint and Ben were able to modernise it by adding multiple elements which can be considered normal within teenage life. Things like using words like “lol”, “yolo” and talking about general things like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus. Which made the performance relatable for the audience which inturn was hilarious.

Like with all dramatic performances most pf the time there is a backdrop of some sort. What Ben and Clint used was a basic yet classic backdrop that featured portraits of the two masters. Which gave the set a classy feel to it. In comparison the props that was used was also of the basic functionality which in this style of theatre worked quite well due to the other elements being so refined a key example of this was when they used a basic wig for the lovers scene, even though the wig fell off a couple of times Ben and Clint continued to make the scene believable through voice and movement.

When all i said it is safe

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