Fantastical Elements In The Film Pan's Labyrinth

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Pan’s Labyrinth was an amazing movie with examples of many fantastical elements included. This movie takes place in Spain, after the Spanish Civil War in 1944. One of the Spanish captains is oppressing everyone around his village and there is rebels who are attempting to take that power away from him. Ofelia’s mother, Carmen is impregnated by this captain and they are forced to move into his mill. Here at this mill, Ofelia is faced with many events that most people would consider to be fake and coming out of her imagination. The natural events that happen here align themselves with the fantastical elements exhibited throughout the movie. Although many can argue that the events in the girl’s life were in imagination, I feel like for some reason…show more content…
For example the chalk that opened the floors and walls and created a door, can be seen by Captain Vidal. Another thing that can be seen is the big trunk that the faun gives Ofelia to cure her mother, Captain Vidal sees this and so does Ofelia’s mother. These things were given to her for a reason. The trunk given to Ofelia was given to her for reasons more than just to cure her mother, such as the perfect timing for her to be ready when the full moon came out. The faun knew that Ofelia was not going to do anything if her mother didn’t get better so he waited until the perfect time to give Ofelia the cure to her mother’s sickness. Ofelia was always about her family first; this was shown throughout all of the movie for example when her mother stops the car because she is feeling sick, Ofelia never left her side once they got to the Captains village, and at the end when she did not want to give the blood of her innocent baby brother and instead her blood was put over the labyrinth. Another major I believe these things are happening in real life is because even before Ofelia was introduced, the Labyrinth was shown and the story of the princess who wanted to be a human was told. Her father was waiting for her and he was an immortal therefore he could not die and wait for the princess to comeback forever. Although at the ending when Ofelia is talking to the faun and Vidal doesn’t see it, the faun is still real because he knows when the full moon is and he knows things about human life. The faun can’t be from imagination or else he wouldn’t know anything about human life. Another reason that people would say it is imagination is because when Vidal is following Ofelia in the Labyrinth, the stones divide into half and Ofelia is able to walk right through but they close right after her and she is suddenly in an
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