Fantasy And The Distorted Self Analysis

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Technological advances make it possible for the rendering of alternate realities. People can submerge themselves into a realm of endless possibilities, whether it’s murdering innocent town people in Skyrim and Fable, or neglecting virtual puppies in Nintendo Dogs. Its safe to assume that the fine line between right and wrong is challenged in these modified worlds. In the article, “Fantasy and the Buffered Self,” Jacobs argued that the genre of fantasy allows for the buffered self to cross over just enough to stay “safe” and return back. “Fantasy, in most of its recent forms, may best be understood as a technologically enabled, and therefore safe, simulacrum of the pre-modern porous self.” (Jacobs) Besides fantasy, there are other elements…show more content…
Across various cultures, the age of consent is different and subjective, but overall, there are laws against child abuse and child pornography in all aspects of the world. “According to the Internet Filter Review, in 2006 there were approximately 4.2m websites containing pornographic material (within this 4.2m approximately 100,000 sites contained indecent material of children) – up from estimates of 1.6m in 2004.4” (Johnson). With access to the internet, people have an easy medium to find graphic content of children. There is no validation of age or identification needed to view such explicit…show more content…
Many mediums of pornography, such as animated Japanese pornography (Hentai), have examples of child and adult fornication. Now the argument could be made that only natural pedophiles observe this type of content, and in all fairness that could be accurate. But let’s indulge further down the rabbit hole. In the year 2014, mom was the top five searched for porn on Pornhub, (Fight The New Drug). Talk about incest! Despite the fact that some states in the U.S. are lenient with incest laws, it still doesn’t take away from the severity of the situation. But another part of the argument is not just about culture, but its about the conscious decision of outwardly disagreeing with scenarios that contradict watch is being watched pornographically.
 The majority of people wouldn’t just rape someone out of nowhere, for no good reason. There are cultural laws to abide by, and morale values people hold to. But in alternate realities presented by simulations and the internet, the buffers presented in the “real” world is easy to tear down and reconstruct. Various video games offer the ability to engage in promiscuous, and illegal sexual behaviors (prostitutes). And recently, a new phenomena has occurred where players in online simulation games have modified their avatars to “rape” other players (Sanghani). In a virtual world anything is permissible. “For instance, the Linden Lab creation Second Life
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