Essay on Fantasy Orientation in Children

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Creating a questionnaire to measure fantasy orientation in children is rather an interesting task. We all have heard stories, believed in fairy god mothers, feared monsters and waited eagerly for the Santa. Have you ever wondered when we started distinguishing the reality from the fantasy and how stopping being a child influenced our growth. The purpose of the fantasy orientation questionnaire is to explore the same with the help of relevant literature and various scholarly researches. This essay starts with a critical discussion of what Fantasy orientation is, drawing significant points from various studies conducted on the matter. It continues to conduct an elaborate research with a group of 50 pre-school and kinder garden children aged…show more content…
Some children are able to draw immense morals from the stories heard and apply the solutions given in the fairy tales to the day to day, while many build a distinct barrier between the story world and the human world. The nature of finding more and more succor in the fantasy world is known as fantasy orientation. Very limited studies have been conducted about the link between the development of cognitive ability of a child and its fantasy orientation. It is a common complaint that children who have high level of fantasy orientation tend to shut themselves away from the world. It is also well known such children have immense creativity. Schools have started to use such measures increasingly these days. But, the methodology used to test the students and determine their capability remains highly questionable as it leaves the young child frightened and tired most of the time. Vitality of Measuring Fantasy Orientation in the Current Context With day to day competition achieving pinnacle like never before exploring the part fantasy orientation plays in developing a child’s skill is immensely vital. It will help us understand various child learning disabilities like ADHD better. The current methods used to measure Fantasy orientation often involve both kids and the adults. The children are usually made to answer a questionnaire, interviewed personally or made to play with certain blocks. Their ability to garner
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