Fantasy Sports And Its Effect On The National Football League

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The widespread growth of fantasy sports into a multi-billion dollar industry has made it an important component of the sports industry, mainly the NFL. All Sports leagues must acknowledge the impact that fantasy sport has on the way its participants consume their sport. This research paper examines the conception of fantasy sports and explains it effects on the National Football league. Consumer involvement with fantasy sports leads to a higher consumption of the NFL products and services.
Keywords: Fantasy sports; Consumption; Fan loyalty; NFL; Football; Sports media
NFL: Sports Fantasy Becomes Reality Introduction
This research paper will provide a discussion on the initial conception, importance, and an explanation on the development of fantasy sport and its adoption by the National Football league (NFL). The paper will also focus on the concept of fantasy football considered the most popular fantasy sport, due to the high participation rating, and its effects on the NFL and the various sport consumers. A brief examination of the increase in consumer loyalty and brand identification as a result of fantasy football participation as well as the effect of overall consumption of the NFL will be provided in the following research.
The unique presupposition of fantasy sports allows individual participants to act as owners or general managers of their own sports teams. These members participate in either an online or real-world draft scenario. Each
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