Fantasy Xv, A Game Composed By Both Tetsuya Nomura And Hajime Tabata

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A Fantasy Based On Reality Final Fantasy XV, a game composed by both Tetsuya Nomura and Hajime Tabata, composed in the time span of 10 years, finally released on November 29th, 2016. The project, originally titled as Final Fantasy XIII - Versus, initially began development in 2006. It was planned as a spin-off to the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIII; however, the idea was scrapped, and then picked up and rebranded as it’s own stand-alone title in 2012: Final Fantasy XV. Gameplay releases and story leaks throughout the years, in addition to the rebranding of the title, has made this game a very controversial topic within gaming. The gameplay features real-time combat as opposed to the typical turn-based combat of previous Final…show more content…
Their marriage will signify a peace treaty between the nation of Lucis, where Noctis resides, and the empire Niflheim. Niflheim and Lucis, currently in the midst of a war over a powerful, magical crystal, choose to make ends meet on more proper terms, hence the arranged marriage. Keeping spoilers to a minimum, the empire of Niflheim end up betraying the kingdom of Lucis, and assassinating the king, Noctis’ father. Noctis, en route to Altissia, hears of this, and is at a loss of words. The game starts with Noctis and his accompanied allies in search of a purpose because of the sudden change of events. Initially, their relationships with one another are kind of uneasy, but they develop profoundly throughout the trials and tribulations that they face together. Prompto Argentum, originally a source of comic relief, matures after each battle the group faces, and develops a sense of honor from protecting Noctis. Ignis, acting as an adult-like figure for Noctis, views Noctis as a kid in need of constant assistance at the beginning of the story. Eventually, he respects him and even looks up to him in some ways. Gladiolus, Noctis’ bodyguard, changes drastically; he spends most of the story viewing the Prince as spoiled, but soon comes to befriend him and put his life on the line for him without question. Together, the companions develop strong relationships with one another throughout their perilous journey,

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